Ready to Decode the meanings of the cards and Fall In Love With Everything About You?

Discover what's possible for your life by confidently using the magic Cardology provides (because you KNOW what each card AND your Life Path spread is all about!)

Let's do this differently

Fascinated with Cardology, but keep coming across the same issue -

What the heck does this card mean?

Do the cards call to you, but the biggest block is knowing ALL the layers of messages they bring us?

Want an opportunity to learn the basics of Cardology AND ask questions to get the answers you need to use the cards yourself?

Trying to memorize the meanings

A common issue when one discovers Cardology - you encounter the issue of thinking you have to memorize meanings. And the deck of cards doesn't have images! I, for one, was VERY frustrated by this!

Empowering YOU isn’t about you listening to recorded lectures, being bored with memorizing or reading LOTS of information.

It’s about utilizing a way to break down and receive guidance from each card as well as embodying the energy and magic this ancient tool provides for you. Reprogram your “What everyone thinks I SHOULD DO, BE & HAVE…” brain with new perceptions of yourself based on integrity, empowerment and love.

You can start where you are and really benefit from Cardology - not wait to study and try to figure it out... searching all over the internet, reading articles, books and putting the puzzle pieces together...and still feeling unsure if you're getting it right..

It took me YEARS and I felt alone trying to learn this thing I was so drawn to...

...there is no need to feel alone or confused! We have set up a safe space where you can jump into the part of Cardology YOU want to understand and have a community to talk to, ask questions and start seeing the changes happen in your life.

but i've discovered

When you have a community and mentors (more than one perspective and way of teaching), you learn quicker and have more fun!

And this is what we offer you!

the backstory

Here is how and why this offer came to be...

Someone asked, how can I learn what the cards mean?

I decided, let's do a workshop and asked for volunteers to join several of my former students said they would help.

Our workshop was FUN, lively, intimate and attendees learned so much about themselves.

But, it was frustrating to try to schedule enough workshops with times that allowed attendees from all over the world the opportunity to join in.

Then, in the middle of the night, the Spirit of my business offered a suggestion...

"Make this available ALL. THE. TIME!"

Keep the fun, the intimacy, the support, the aha moments...and anyone can start at anytime.

You can get in ANYTIME, access the material ANYTIME, access mentors and other Cardology enthusiasts for support and most importantly, FEEL excited!

You have things to accomplish , desires to fulfill and we want to support you!

just imagine

How will your life look if you are using the magic of Cardology? What will your life be like ?

There are tools to help YOU remember and know who YOU are.

YOU are YOUR resources, gifts and potential.

YOU are the hero you've been looking for.

The knowledge and guidance YOU seek for YOUR life comes from within YOU.

YOU make the rules that create YOUR reality.



We Show YOU How To Use YOUR Tools To Empower YOUR Life...

Without needing to be all over the place looking for the HOW of the cards and Cardology.

go deeper

Besides learning the MEANING of each card, you will also be able to GO DEEPER into what your LIFE PATH spread says about you.

Truly GET, feel and embody the ENERGY of each card.

We want you to EXPERIENCE the energy of each card, so we came up with ways for you to do that.

Dive into and BE the cards of your Life Path spread.

Benefitting from fully understanding your life Path spread is an ongoing journey. As you evolve and grow, you unravel more of who you are and we know that you will be working with parts/cards/planets of your Life Path spread your whole life.

This is why access forever and coaching to assist you is invaluable! (And you will have that!)

In understanding the cards and your Life Path spread, you have the foundation to change your life and authentically BE YOU!


The Empowering YOU Program....that is so much more than a program...

Be guided by Cardologers, Ashley Long, Andrea Mason and Monique Charles in a fun virtual space to take the confusion out of what each card means.

Learn how to break down the meanings for each card so you can have a deeper, clearer understanding when you are working with the cards of your Life Path spread, your Yearly Forecast or even when used as divination.



Guides, worksheets and journaling

Weekly Coaching calls


Where do you fit into the BIG picture?

Discover where you are in the ‘universal community’….the community is in the sky – as in planetary energy – and you are very much part of that and your importance is that big!!

Suits, numbers and planets, oh my...

Suits anyone? It’s the circle of life. One leads to the other. Each one is needed and plays its role.

Aces to Kings, learn how each number and court behaves and plays.

New to astrology? And what does astrology have to do with the cards? Learn how the planets play into the card meanings.

How to put it all together...

... and see where your card is on the Grand Solar spread (and how it means more than just the basic meaning of the card)

Sound basic?

Not when you learn to see it and use it as energy – energy that is your divine right, alive, present and real...waiting for you!

Join and always be supported

Be Part of an Ongoing Experience...

Learn from three Cardologers who specialize in using Cardology to UPLEVEL your life and assist you in standing in your own personal power and sovereignty.

These experts show you how to LIVE the authentic YOU you came to BE

--> without being pressured by societal rules and limitations

--> without having to hide or be unclear on your path

--> without conforming to what doesn't feel right for you.


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for you

The 6 modules break down all the layers and give you the foundation to ALWAYS be in charge of your life using the tool of Cardology.



Learning where you fit into the big picture and that you can be in collaboration with Universal energies, represented by the deck of cards, is the difference between just a deck of cards for games, feeling alone and confused, and feeling the power of a system HIDDEN within the deck of cards for YOU to make magic with.

In this module, you will learn…

♥ What the ‘chart’ called the Earth spread is showing you

♥ What community your card dwells in

♥ What planets are influencing your journey.

Bring those planets alive and use their gifts and energy!



There might just be 4 symbols (called the suits) but each one represents an area of life and when you recognize and feel all the things that symbol is speaking to - you open a world of messages and information!

In this module, you'll learn...

♣ Learn to see a Suit and know what it is all about

♣ Never be in doubt about the area of life a suit is bringing to awareness

♣ What YOUR Suit says about you.

♣ How they fit into time, seasons and our life cycles



Each number has a role and an energy and each one is needed and important to the WHOLE. Where do you (your birth card) fit into the WHOLE?

Learn to see each card as an entity, a character that has its ups and downs. We bring them to life, you make friends with each one and they begin to speak to you.

In this module, you'll learn...

♦ To see all the elements each card holds

♦ Discover a way to reveal all the messages of each card.

♦ See where each one fits into the BIG picture of life.



Each card is more than a one line meaning. Each card has the energy of several planets and it is with the planets that each card reveals its wisdom.

Whether you do or don’t know Astrology, you’ll learn to see the planets in a new way – one that allows you to use and embody their energy.

In this module, you'll learn...

♠ How to extract multiple meanings for each card, to fully understand all the ways it can play out.

♠ The significance of your journey and how your Life Path fits into the BIG picture.

But this won’t just be hearing about the planets, we have experiences for you to feel and embody this energy available to you!



After seeing how each piece works, you'll get to take a deep dive into EACH card and reveal the many layers of meanings.

In this module you'll learn...

♥ How the number and suit and placement comes together.



There is so much more to you than just your body/life right now.

Dig into even MORE of who you are in discovering the entirety of your Life Path spread.

In this module you'll learn...

♥ About your Ruling card

♥ The various cycles in your life

♥ When in your life are specific planets playing out?

What are your Karma cards? (where you were and what you came here with and where you are going)

♣ Are you part of the Mystical Family of Seven? Learn how they are connected.

♣ Tap into the skills and gifts of your other timelines.

The Empowering YOU Program

Learn to Decode The Cards and Play Your Hand!

Learn from three Cardologers who specialize in using Cardology to UPLEVEL your life and assist you in standing in your own personal power and sovereignty.

These experts show you how to LIVE the authentic YOU you came to BE

--> without being pressured by societal rules and limitations

--> without having to hide or be unclear on your path

--> without conforming to what doesn't feel right for you.

Your Mentors

We each love teaching and have our experiences and perspectives to share with you!

Ashley Long | Master Cardologer.

Ashley Long is the owner of Empowered Cardology, a 6♣/8♥ Master Cardologer and has been using Cardology for over 20 years and teaching it for 5 years.

She specializes in empowering her clients through the clarity Cardology offers for understanding one’s blueprint for this journey as well as energetic influences brought in from other lives. Cardology also clarifies relationship connections and parenting issues. Ashley uses her intuition, love of pointing out the strengths and gifts we each hold and positive attitude to encourage others to own and uplevel their innate soulprint.

Dr. Andrea Mason |cardologer/ Astrologer.

Andrea Little Mason, Ed.D., affectionately known as "Dr. Doula", is a J♣/K♣. She is an Educator, Speaker, Astrologer, Cardologer, Birth Ambassador and Legacy Builder who uses her expertise to promote resourcefulness within Diasporic African women and families.

She uses THE CARDS to teach those she works with to “Reclaim their Birth Rites” and fully embrace ancestral spiritual practices. She encourages them to “Consider the Heavens” to gain clarity and help them see the path, purpose and potential of their lives more clearly. Learn more about her work at



Sound Therapist|


Monique Charles Ph.D., Rev., aka “Dr. MC” is a 4♦/8♦. She is a Certified Cardologer, Cultural Sociologist, Theorist, Editor, Public Speaker, Sound Therapist (Tuning Forks) and Singer.

She applies her knowledge of music, sound, voice and THE CARDS (i.e. their energies and frequencies) for the holistic wellbeing of people she works with.

She uses THE CARDS to help people gain greater understanding of themselves, and gain insight into harnessing the recent and near future energies (and frequencies) around them. To find out more

video proof

Add some video testimonials if you have them. They are really powerful.

Keep company with others who also LOVE the cards!

Get your questions answered (always!), hear others' stories to help you expand your knowledge and be part of a community that is using Cardology to LOVE life!

What makes this different than other Cardology learning opportunities?.

The Empowering YOU Program is one of a kind and unique because of the opportunity it provides for on-going, intimate discoveries and exploration of the cards in a nurturing, community oriented, growth assisted, friendship building safe space where you learn at your pace, with mentors and peers who love and are committed to this system.

Constant exploration is a big part of Cardology – we’ve only scratched the surface and you have the opportunity to be part of the testing, revelations and applications to your life that will assist us all in this current shift in evolution! The cards aren’t old and out-dated – no, they are alive and waiting to be used!

While my work with the cards has been for over 20 years, I am still making discoveries that benefit my growth and make my life better! This happens with my students and clients and is why I wanted to create a way for anyone, no matter what level they’re at, to be able to participate and have those experiences as well!


You get the know-how and coaching as you work with the cards for living your best life!

--> Bite-size videos

--> Printable worksheets

--> Private Online group

---> 1 live coaching call every week

---> Challenges throughout the year to keep you engaged and in breakthrough

---> You get to stay in the community and keep all assets that get created in the future… forever.

You will have Lifetime Access!

you asked

Have questions? We have answers!

Will I learn how to do Cardology readings or become certified if I participate for a certain amount of time?.

This program is solely for going deep with the layers of meanings for each card and the Life Path spread of each card.

It won’t cover the basics of doing a Reading or give you a certification in Cardology (I have a Certification course for that!)

HOWEVER, the number one factor in being able to FULLY understand your Life Path spread (or the LPS of others) AND interpreting a Yearly Forecast is in grasping the meanings of the cards – the cards with a planet/position.

Every student of the cards (even those certified to be a Cardologer) continues to study and realize the nuances, layers and depth of meaning each card has.

This program gives you that.

And in that on-going study are guides, mentors, a community and access to share, discuss and deepen your knowledge, experiences and own personal growth!

Are there any reactivation fees?.

NO! You make a one-time payment and you have access to the material, community and coaching for as long as you desire!

The beauty of this is that we all have our flow and pace in learning and applying any spiritual tool – and this allows you to do just that - participate at your pace, in the space you are in.

There are no tests, time limits, or pressure and no fear of ‘losing’ material.

Life happens and we all need our breaks and time to attend to other things – but this will always be there for you.


Depending on what you need to learn at the moment you sign up, (immediate access - no start or stop dates!) and you pick a module.

They are all available and you can jump around, start at the beginining or go to what you are currently working on.

Watch a video or journal from one of the prompts.

Spend 10 minutes doing just one worksheet exercise.

That alone could change how you see yourself and your life.

Attend the weekly coaching and ask questions about a specifc card, planet or your Life Path spread.

Any single tool, technique or worksheet can change your perspective, open you to more insights and messages from your inner guidence, which opens doors to more of what you want in your life.

There is so much good, and any starting place is magic.

Start today.




♥ Access to your membership forever - start where you want with the material.

♥ Reference and Workbooks

♥ Experiential and Active Involvement - we want you to embody your cards!

♥ Expert Cardologers to lead you through making the cards come to life and walk you through YOUR Life Path

♥ Calls and a community to ask questions and receive coaching/answers for the parts you've been confused about. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - TERMS & CONDITIONS - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - TERMS & CONDITIONS